Welcome to Dream Cuisine, where my love of food meets my passion for feeding others!

I began working in kitchens over ten years ago, never dreaming it would lead me on such a wonderful adventure. It started out as simply cooking, but has blossomed into an entire food lifestyle. 

Deeply encouraged by one of my Chefs to go to culinary school, I completed my education in 2012 and hit the ground running. Quickly moving up the ranks in high end restaurants, I was offered the position of Head Chef at a prominent resort. It was a wonderful experience to lead a team who were also passionate about food, and best of all, bring joy to the guests through their taste buds.

My wife, Carmen, and I found the farm of our dreams, and jumped on the opportunity to start living a more sustainable, wholesome lifestyle. It was also time to move on from the resort and bring my culinary skills to this new area of Muskoka North. 

We have been at our farm since 2015, and the garden grows exponentially each year. It is a pleasure to grow our food and plate it for you.